Colle Cerè

Colle Cerè is a winery located on the green hills of Valpolicella. Being interested in wine production since he was a child, a passion handed down from his father, Cesare Righetti decided to use all the techniques he had learned over the years to create a product that still has all the traditional characteristics of the wine produced by the Righetti family. Colle Cerè wines are genuine and natural and are among the best Valpolicella products. Valpolicella Ripasso Tonega, a dry and balanced wine, which takes its name from the land where it is cultivated, is definitely the flagship product of this winery. Amarone della Valpolicella, a strong and full-bodied wine which is excellent if paired with roasts or aged and spicy cheeses, is another amazing product offered by this winery. Colle Ceré winery is located in Negrar (Verona), in one of the oldest areas known for the production of Valpolicella wines.

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