Il Poggio Farm

Located between the lovely Val’ D’orcia and Val di Chiana, Il Poggio farm includes Bandite and Mannella and covers an area of 85 hectares where all products, which are then processed and transformed by hand at its own laboratory, are cultivated; the company, besides cultivating cereals, vineyards and olive groves, owns a horse farm and a pasture of the popular Cinta Senese. Roberto and Tommaso Gori take care of both the cultivations and pig farming, managing all steps required for processing their products which contain no preservatives, colourants or artificial aromas. Among all products, we should mention the sauces, prepared according to old family recipes by using mainly chopped fresh vegetables and then cooking everything very slowly with meat and by adding wine and tomatoes from the garden. The roe deer ragout and the cinta senese ragout are undoubtedly among the best products coming from this farm.

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