Pastificio Morelli

Since 1860, Pastificio Morelli has been producing pasta, offering one of the best products in Tuscany thanks to the reintroduction, during processing stages, of wheat germ, which is the core of the grain and is rich in Vegetable proteins, Mineral Salts and Vitamins. The pasta produced by Pastificio Morelli is considered as a top quality product not only for the use of wheat germ, but also for the careful selection of semolina, which is processed according to traditional and natural methods, in order to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
Morelli offers a wide and varied range of products for all tastes, in fact, in addition to the wheat germ line, it also produces egg pasta, delicious whole-wheat pasta, corn and rice pasta, and flavoured pasta prepared by adding the most typical Italian ingredients, such as red pepper or garlic and basil linguine. The ancient Morelli pasta factory is located in the province of Pisa in the heart of Tuscany.

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