Tommasi is an old winery located in Pedemionte, in the heart of Valpolicella production area, in a strip of land where passion for wine is handed down from generation to generation and where the Tommasi family produces one of the best wines in the area. Valpolicella Classico, Ripasso,Amarone and Recioto: for all these wine the Tommasi family works hard and takes care of every single step to produce only top quality products. The Ripasso method, for example, is a process consisting in re-fermenting Valpolicella wine on dried grape skins of Amarone, obtained from Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone grapes, therefore still rich in sugar. The wine remains in contact with the skins for 10/12 days, so as to obtain a second fermentation; this method is used to produce a full-bodied wine with a lower acidity, that is then aged in barrels for at least 18 months so as to get even more fragrant aromas.

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