A selection of the best Italian wines divided by type and region.


Our wines are chosen with great care, from the best wineries in the area, based on quality criteria, vintages, prestige. On each sheet you will find information on the structure, characteristics and conservation of the wine, without neglecting the most important thing; the culinary combinations. Each wine takes flavors and smells from the territory in which the vineyard grows, for this reason we decided to undertake a real wine tour that ranges from the moved wines of the Valdobbiadene with the prosecco of the Contarini cellar passing by the beautiful Valpolicella and its excellences such as the Classic Amarone or Ripasso. Lake Garda offers an excellent wine such as Chiaretto; then Tuscany with its Chianti well known all over the world and so on. An absolutely unique selection for those who love wine and for those who want to take home an excellent memory of our beautiful Italy!

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