Truffle sauce 90g – Tartufi Jimmy



Tartufi Jimmy Truffle Sauce is ideal as a seasoning for first dishes or croutons and crackers for delicious appetizers

• Quantity 90g
• Ingredients: cultivated mushrooms (agaricus bisporus), 11% sunflower oil, 5% extra virgin olive oil, 1% summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt), black olives, salt, herbs
• Storage: refrigerate and eat within 7 days

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This special Truffle Sauce is ideal for seasoning pasta dishes such White Germ Linguine , but can also be used for preparing delicious appetizers.

The company Tartufi Jimmy is located in a pristine area where the ecosystem supports the cultivation of fine truffles. These incredible products are purchased directly from truffle searchers and farmers in central Italy, where our company is based. The availability of this valuable tuber depends on the season and the climatic conditions, which are not always the same every year. Tartufi Jimmy sells and processes fresh truffles to offer you high quality packaged truffle products with a unique flavour

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